Every Rose Has Its Thorns
Season 1, Episode 05
Air date March 12th, 2013

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Every Rose Has Its Thorns is the 5th episode in Season 1  of The Face, airing March 12th, 2013.


The hopefuls prepare for their latest test shoot challenge — shooting a commercial for Christian Louboutin shoes. Tempers flare when one model threatens to leave the competition. For the campaign, the teams must write their own scripts and direct a commercial in which they attempt to sell miscellaneous items from 

Test ShootEdit

"It's All About Chemistry" The episode's test shoot was all about selling a product. Christian Louboutin shoes. Each model had to shoot a commercial while working with a male model. Naomi was this test shoot judge and explained that not only she was looking for someone who could sell the product, but someone who had a great chemistry with the male model, too.

Sandra was disqualified from the challenge after talking back to her coach and walking out of the set without completing her commercial.

Stephanie was the winner of the challenge and received a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.


Each team was responsible for creating a video where they would be selling a product which best represented them as a team. The video was for online shopping at


Each week, the winning coach would get the opportunity to eliminate one girl put to elimination from the other two teams. Karolina won this episode's campaign, leaving Coco and Naomi put one of their team members up to elimination.

Margaux Brooke and Sandra Woodley were put up for elimination. Coco explained to Margaux that she had been very consistent, but that she wanted to see more of her personality and taking chances. Sandra was put up from team Naomi after showing a bad behavior.

At the elimination room, Karolina said that Sandra had a beautiful face and body, but she wasn't professional. She said that Margaux was professional, demure, and quiet and wondered if she has more personality.

Karolina decided to keep Margaux because she was professional, something that Sandra didn't show. When Naomi saw Margaux come back she was upset and told Karolina that she was and idiot for bringing back the competition.


The official show score is provided by Vanacore Music and Soundfile Productions.

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