Falling From Grace
Season 1, Episode 03
Air date February 26th, 2013

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Falling From Grace is the 3rd episode in Season 1  of The Face, airing February 26th, 2013.


An unexpected turn of events sees one girl leaving the competition for good. The girls take part in their first runway show for Kleinfeld Bridal, and they must walk in couture bridal gowns on a grand staircase. After the winning team is revealed, it's goodbye for another one of the wannabe models. 

Test ShootEdit

"Quick Change" The episode's test shoot was a quick change challenge. While being timed, the models had to choose an outfit, grab an accessory, get dressed, walk the runway and strike a pose while not messing their hair and makeup.

Margaux won the test shoot and received a $5,000 shopping spree to Marshalls.


Kleinfeld catwalk bridal fashion extravaganza at the New York Theatre. Not only did the models have to wear wedding gowns, they also had to walk down the stairs, walk the runway, strike a pose and then exit back up the stairs in fron of Kleinfeld's Fashion Director, Terry Hall and a live audience.


Each week, the winning coach would get the opportunity to eliminate one girl put to elimination from the other two teams. Naomi won this episode's campaign, leaving Coco and Karolina put one of their team members up to elimination.

Brittany Mason and Ebony Olivia Grace Smith were put up for elimination. Brittany from team Coco because the client didn't remember her at the time where they had to evaluate each of the models' runway walk. Ebony from team Karolina because she felt that Ebony played it safe in the campaign and for not working the dress as she could have.

Both Brittany and Ebony made the mistake of playing the sympathy card as a way of trying to sway Naomi to keep them safe and send the other one home. But she let them know everybody has a story and trying to play on her heartstrings wasn't going to work.

Naomi decided to keep Ebony in the competition because Brittany, who wore a black wedding dress wasn't even in the client's memories and was forgettable.

Before the campaign, Marlee Nichols quit the competition about financial difficulties at home. That the three teams with three models each.


The official show score is provided by Vanacore Music and Soundfile Productions.

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