Olivia Donaldson
Age N/A (age 19)
Height 1.76m (5'9")
Hometown Perth, Western Australia
Coach Cheyenne Tozzi
Team Colour      Team Cheyenne
Placement Winner (1/12)
Individual Wins 2
Challenge Wins 2

Olivia Donaldson was one of the 12 finalists on Season 1 (AUS) of The Face, who was a member of Team Cheyenne. Despite being criticised for her over-sexiness throughout the season, she was the eventual winner of the season, defeating Sarah Tilleke and Yaya Deng in the finale.


After completing high school in 2011, Olivia is now in her second year studying Psychology and Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia. She also works as a waitress a few nights a week at a local restaurant.

Olivia has been modelling since she was 14 years old – her parents entered her into a modelling competition during Perth Fashion Festival in 2008, she made the top 10 and was signed to Vivien’s the next day. Olivia began working almost instantly (while completing her schooling), scoring a bridal campaign her first year, as well as campaigns for Galleria Shopping Centre and fashion spreads for the STM and The West Australian. When she was 16 she travelled to Singapore where she lived and worked for two months, and appeared in Malaysian Elle, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Upon her return she was chosen to front the Betts shoes campaign, along with campaigns for Forrest Chase shopping centre and local designer Ange Lang. Olivia moved to Sydney for a few months after completing high school, and also did a brief stint in Germany at the start of 2013.

Olivia thinks that commercial modelling is her niche. She can do editorial, but it’s not her strength. She also loves catwalk even though she’s not tall enough. Modelling is a creative outlet for Olivia, and she enjoys portraying different characters. Olivia is very motivated and competitive. She just wants to do well in life and that’s what motivates her.

The Face AUS, Season 1Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Olivia's Elimination History
Episode Eligible for
Game On No -
Circus Circus No Elimination
Team Cheyenne Immune
Movement and Fashion Yes Saved
Walk the Walk No -
Modelling with Men Team Cheyenne Immune
Race to the Final No -
Week Seven -
The Face
The Face, Week 7

Post The FaceEdit


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