Ray Clanton
Age N/A (age 18)
Height 1.80m (5'11")
Hometown Miami Lakes, Florida
Coach Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Team Colour      Team Lydia
Placement Runner-up (3/12)
Individual Wins 0
Challenge Wins 1

Rachel "Ray" Clanton was one of the 12 finalists on Season 2 (U.S.) of The Face, who was a member of Team Lydia.


Hailing from the sunshine state, Ray is an ultra-confident passionate teen who believes she has all the qualities of a budding supermodel. While she admits to having a stubborn side, she tries to make the most of every situation and always finds a way to turn negatives into positives. New to the industry, Ray turned down a soccer scholarship to pursue her supermodel dreams and hopes “The Face” will help jump-start her career.

The Face U.S., Season 2Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Ray's Elimination History
Episode Eligible for
Let the FACE Begin Yes Saved
Bare Your New Look No -
Runway Dinner Party Yes Saved
Sell, Sell, Sell! No -
Going Viral No -
Just One of the Boys No -
Male Bonding Team Lydia Immune
Diamond's are a Model's Best Friend No -
Press Your Luck Yes N/A
Who Will Be The Face Runner-up
Runner-up, Week 10

Post The FaceEdit


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