Stephanie Lalanne
Age August 28, 1991 (age 22)
Height 1.78m (5'10")
Hometown San Francisco, California
Coach Coco Rocha
Team Colour      Team Coco
Placement 6/12
Individual Wins 1
Challenge Wins 0

Stephanie Lalanne was one of the 12 finalists on Season 1 of The Face, who was a member of Team Coco.


Having never modelled a day in her life, this quirky student took a chance at an open audition for “The Face.” After tragically losing both parents at an early age, Stephanie was raised by her aunt and uncle in San Francisco, CA. Her independent personality has prepared her for the cut-throat world of fashion. Determined to honour her parent’s memory, she’ll do whatever it takes to become “The Face.”

The Face U.S., Season 1Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Stephanie's Elimination History
Episode Eligible for
Game On! Yes Saved
Model Warfare Yes Saved
Falling From Grace No Elimination
No -
We Are The Most Miserable Team Here Yes Saved
Every Rose Has Its Thorns No -
Red Carpet Ready? Yes Karolina
Eliminated, Week 6

Post The FaceEdit


  • Stephanie was one of 8 girls to lose the first Campaign of the franchise.
    • Additionally, she never won a campaign throughout the competition.
  • Stephanie and Aleksandra Dubrovskaya were the first two girls to be sent into the elimination room.
    • She was also the first girl to survive the elimination room.
  • She was the first girl to be sent into consecutive elimination rooms.
  • She was the first girl to survive multiple elimination rooms.
    • She holds the series record, and ties the franchise record with Elaine Nturo from The Face U.K. for most elimination rooms survived, with 3.
    • She holds both the Series and Franchise record with most appearances in the elimination room with 4.
  • Stephanie and Jocelyn Chew were the first contestants to participate in a double elimination.
  • Stephanie's team color was powder blue.


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