Team Naomi
Coach Naomi Campbell
Contestants 4
Team Colour      Team Naomi
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Kira Dikhtyar (10/12)
Highest Placing Member Afiya Bennett (Runner-up)

Welcome to the main page of Team Naomi. Here you will find information about the contestants that took part on Naomi's Team in the second season season of The Face U.S..


Afiya Alana Felisa Kira
  • Afiya Bennett, an 18 year-old girl from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Alana Duval, a 22 year-old girl from Brownsville, Texas.
  • Felisa Wiley, a 19 year-old girl from Saint Thomas, The Virgin Islands.
  • Kira Dikhtyar, a 24 year-old girl from Moscow, Russia.

How the team was selected:

  • Felisa chose Naomi (over Anne & Lydia).
  • Alana chose Naomi (over Lydia).
  • Kira chose Naomi (over Anne).
  • Naomi booked Afiya.

Team HistoryEdit


Team Naomi GalleryEdit

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