We Are The Most Miserable Team Here
Season 1, Episode 04
Air date March 5th, 2013

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We Are The Most Miserable Team Here is the 4th episode in Season 1  of The Face, airing March 5th, 2013.


The eight remaining models prepare for a dancing challenge, and must later shoot for a Marshall's lookbook with their teammates. The arguments between Jocelyn and Sandra reach an all-time high when Naomi steps in to intervene, and a shocking elimination catches one team by surprise. 

Test ShootEdit

"Move It Or Lose It" The episode's test shoot was all about movement. Modeling and movement are intertwined. Choreographer Salim Gauwloos worked with the models teaching them a dance routine that they later used during a photo shoot to get the perfect picture.

Ebony was the winner of the challenge and won a home gym from Mad Dogg Athletics.


Look book showcasing Marshalls' latest line of spring fashion dresses. The models were allowed to choose their dresses and accessories with the help of their coaches. Each team was judged by celebrity stylist Jen Rade, who pointed out that the appearance, use of props, movement and expression were the clue to win.


Each week, the winning coach would get the opportunity to eliminate one girl put to elimination from the other two teams. Naomi won this episode's campaign, leaving Coco and Karolina put one of their team members up to elimination.

Stephanie Lalanne and Madeleine Armstrong were put up for elimination. Stephanie from team Coco was chosen because she exaggerated her movements and expression in some of the pictures. Karolina explained to Madeleine that she didn't connect her body with her expressions, and that that was the reason to put her up.

Naomi decided to keep Stephanie because of her willingness to learn and to get back up, depite being her third time in the elimination room. Madeleine was eliminated because, on Naomi's point of view, she wasn't memorable throughout the competition and she had 8 years of experience.


The official show score is provided by Vanacore Music and Soundfile Productions.

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